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" To make justice an affordable & available scenario for every Indian citizen. Ensuring every voice raised is heard properly. "

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Redefining consumer affairs by providing the consumer with legal aid online. Saving consumers from the hassle of consumer court proceedings. Working for consumer delight


Consumer Sarthi is an online communication platform that aims to address unfocused situations and problems. We were founded after witnessing the difficulties faced by the common person in dealing with various brands, organizations, government banks, and other authorities. Our goal is to help people by providing them with the best possible solutions through the expertise of learned lawyers and consultants. As a communication platform, we are connected with many learned individuals from various walks of life, including lawyers from High Court to Supreme Court, media professionals, social activists, educationists, ex-bureaucrats, chartered accountants, and ex-bank employees. We work closely with many MNCs and Indian brands to create a resolution platform for the common person.

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We Help Our Clients To Achieve Their Desired Goals ConsumerSarthi is an innovative one-stop-shop for all your financial needs, including Home Loans, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Business Loans, Balance Transfers and more.

With a PAN India presence across 10+ cities, ConsumerSarthi is one of the leading credit lending establishment founded by professionals and financial experts who with an experience of 10+ years have created a rich profile of satisfying the needs of more than 1000+ clients. Our internally developed highly proficient Loan Calculator algorithm helps us serve you the best options and deals for the loan/financial product of your choice. Our algorithmic engines help you by using strong factual data made from relative latest changes in the market and a calculated understanding of the future trends.

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Consumer Complaints

Our team of subject matter experts and consultants specialize in resolving consumer complaints. We work with brands and companies to ensure that your complaints are resolved without the need for legal intervention. Whether it’s consumer complaints online, consumer forums, or cybercrime complaints, we have the expertise to help you. So if you have any consumer complaints, report them to us now and let us help you find a solution.

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Online Resolution

We are a unique platform in India that specializes in resolving consumer complaints online. Our team of experts is just a phone call away, and we will take up your complaint and work with the relevant parties to get it addressed online. We aim to resolve your complaint within 15-21 days without the need for legal intervention. Throughout this process, we will keep you updated on the progress of your complaint, so you can rest assured that we are working hard to find a solution.

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Our team of subject matter experts and consultants carefully review your documents and handle all the paperwork, emailing, SMS, faxing, and communication notices on behalf of consumers. We specialize in helping you with consumer complaints online, consumer court, cybercrime complaint help, and consumer forum help.